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Overpopulation by the Numbers

Can you guess the meaning behind these statistics?  (Simply click the number to see the meaning.)



6-8 million

3-4 Million


Wags to Riches
Saving Lives in New Jersey...Four Paws at a Time

As a nation, we claim to love cats and dogs.  Millions of households have pets and billions of dollars are spent every year on pet food and supplies.  But as a nation, we should take a long, hard look at a different annual statistic -- the millions of cats and dogs given up to shelters or left to die in the streets. . . and the numbers only tell half the story.

As a community, we have the ability and the obligation to meet the moral challenge of reducing the number of needless animal deaths that occur every year.  And EVERY individual can make a difference.  Imagine what we can do if we act together!!

Here's what you can do:

Spay and Neuter your Pet
Sterilizing dogs and cats drastically reduces the number of puppies and kittens born so that shelters can care for and place those already in the shelter into loving homes.  Please, please, please spay and neuter your pet to reduce overpopulation.  Urge others to do the same!  For more information about spaying and neutering as well as low-cost options available in our area, please email us at contactus@wagstoriches.org.

Adopt from Animal Shelters and Rescues

If you have room in your home and in your heart for an animal companion, save a life by adopting one from your local shelter.  You're not only saving one life -- you're saving two -- because you're making room for another homeless animal and giving it a chance to find a wonderful home!  Never, ever buy from a breeder or pet store.  If you are determined to have a particular breed of dog or cat, please adopt one from a shelter or qualified rescue organization.

Keep Animal Companions Safe
Try to prevent your dog or cat from getting lost by securing your house or yard.  Consider keeping cats inside, as indoor cats have much longer lifespans, on average, than outdoor cats.  Put collars and ID tags on your animal friends so that you can get them back if they are lost.  Ask your veterinarian to implant a microchip under their skin for permanent identification.


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